The great misconception of a bad backlink

A topic that seems to be coming up for discussion more and more, are bad back links and their impact on a websites Google ranking. In this article, I want to offer some clarity on what we are seeing across our existing 2,500 clients and what we also hear every day from potential new clients.

Firstly, I want to clear up the misconception.

There's no such thing as a back link that will move you down the Google rankings, there are just links that will not be recognised by the search engines. So bad links will never move you down the rankings, they just won’t move you up!

So why, I hear you ask, did some websites rankings drop when Google made their latest penguin update?

Simple! This is because lots of backlinks suddenly stopped being recognised and therefore some websites ranking dropped as a result. This can be further clarifiedby the fact that backlinks are out of a webmasters control. For example, anyone could build a backlink to So, if bad links can move a websites ranking lower, then everyone would be building bad links to their competitor’s sites.

Our belief at Click Submit is that a slow and careful link building strategy is the order of the day. We will request around 300 links to be built to your site over a 3 month period, with the aim of getting around 150 to 200 recognised by the search engines. When you combine this with the crucial on-site changes that we recommend after sign up, in order to make your website 100% relevant to your search terms, we are seeing great results. Our numbers speak for themselves; We have over 2,500 clients and not one contract. Our clients only continue to subscribe to our service because our strategy, more often than not, works!

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White Hat Guarantee

At Boost Local we offer a full white hat guarantee. We have thousands of Clients under management and have never had any Client blacklisted from any search engine

We submit and build backlinks to your website consistently and at the right pace in order to maximize the benefits of SEO without any chance of blacklisting.

We use techniques developed over years with the emphasis on assisting the search engines to find your website and appreciate its relevance which is a technique fully endorsed by Google themselves.

See the video below. This is Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Web spam team talking about SEO.


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