White label reseller explained


Developed in house our reseller system is totally unique

Our white label reseller system has been developed over the last 3 years to fill a gap in the market for a web hosting reseller type system for SEO / digital marketing products. It allows you to benefit from a discount of 30% off our normal price, gain access to a white label control panel that you can give you clients direct access to, and also delivers all reports with your company name on them. All you have to do is sell the product to your clients directly. Anyone can resell our product but the majority of our white label resellers are web designers or design agencies.

How to convert your account to a reseller

Simple and open to anyone 

Your first SEO campaign is always charged at the normal rate. This is to fend from people just become a reseller to get a discount on 1 SEO campaign. So for your first SEO campaign you simply sign up in the normal way via the website. Then, once you have signed up, simply get in touch and we will convert your account to a reseller. This will then open the door to many benefits.

The benefits of being a reseller

Benefit from us putting you first. We listen and then act.

There are a few key benefits of becoming a reseller.

  1. You get a 30% discount of all additional SEO campaigns.
  2. We will upload all reports with your company name on them.
  3. You are able to give your clients access to a white label control panel.Option to have quarterly or month reports.

Your reseller control panel

All built in house with the emphasis on self-management

Our reseller control panel puts you firmly in control. You can monitor statistics, add more campaigns, set up white label control panel access and much more. See below.


  1. The navigation menu. You can add extra SEO campaigns, review and download your invoices, update your details and alter your reseller control panel preferences.
  2. Campaign jump menu. It allows you to quickly jump to a particular campaign. This is really useful when you have lots of campaigns.
  3. White label SEO reports. They are all fully white labelled and will appear with your company name on them. You can download them in either a PDF or HTML format. Allowing you to pass them on directly to your clients or download, edit and then pass them on.
  4. Options. You can add / edit any options that your clients may require.
  5. Sub URLs. Here you can add and edit the sub URLs that you add to a client’s campaign.
  6. White label control panel set up. Expand this section to set up your clients white label control panel. See later in this document where we explain how to set this up and the full white label control panel breakdown.

White label report options

Total flexibility to show your client what’s important to you and them

When we convert your account to a white label reseller we will ask you to provide us with the company name that you would like to appear at the top of your report. You will then have the option of downloading these reports in either HTML or PDF. Obviously if you download them in HTML you would have the ability to paste the content in to say MS Word and adapt it to suit your client.

White label control panel set up

Give you client’s direct control

You will have the option within your reseller control panel to set up a white label control panel, this will enable your clients to log in directly and download everything.

When you grant your clients access you will be prompted to enter a username and password. You then pass this on to your client. You will also need to enter your support e-mail and/or phone number. You then have various access options. You’ll have the option to allow clients access to the like-to-follow, positivity, SEO analyser and reports, this gives you flexibility in the way you sell or upsell our products.

Once you have set up all of this and given your client the log in details they will be presented with the following control panel.

Here your clients will be able to see and manage everything you allow them access too. This includes any of our extra features you have purchased from us.

Managing your clients expectations

Honesty is the best policy

In our experience of SEO and digital marketing products there are no guarantees and therefore it’s best to be honest about this to your existing and potential clients. Sometimes you can get very fast results but sometimes it can take a little longer. Our average client has to wait between 3 and 9 months to see noticeable results from our core SEO product. Although the like to follow and positivity products product pretty instant results. People will appreciate your honesty before and after sales.

Selling ideas

There are so many options!

There are so many different ways that people sell digital marketing products. The traditional way is to offer a free site audit, which generally shows a potential client all of the issues they have with their website before you sell them a product that fixes everything. We sell our product in a very different way, mainly because our products are very different, but the traditional way still works very well.

Site content: In terms of your website content, if you are reselling our product then we are happy if you want to use some of the content form our website in order to sell your products.

Phone number: Make sure you have a phone number on your site, although lots of people won’t call! Regardless of whether a potential client wants to call you, they will want to see a phone number. It gives them a sense of security that you are there after sales if they need some help.

Testimonials: Obviously at the beginning you will not have any client testimonials so after you have your first client that sees good results make sure you ask them for a testimonial. People looking to buy your service will want to see other webmaster who are benefiting from your product. Make sure that all testimonials have the clients web address next to them so that potential clients can verify that they are real.

Price point: SEO is a product that varies massively on price. However, the beauty of our product is the value we offer to you. Because you only pay us £69.99 per quarter per SEO campaign, it leaves you with a lot of margin. Our suggestions is that you use this opportunity to price your product competitively with anywhere between £99.99 and £499.99 per month being the normal level.

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White Hat Guarantee

At Boost Local we offer a full white hat guarantee. We have thousands of Clients under management and have never had any Client blacklisted from any search engine

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We use techniques developed over years with the emphasis on assisting the search engines to find your website and appreciate its relevance which is a technique fully endorsed by Google themselves.

See the video below. This is Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Web spam team talking about SEO.


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